A unique website that is easy to use
(for you and your customers)

When I design and build a website, my goal is to produce an easy to use product that you and your clients will enjoy using. I work with my clients to decide the best way to arrange their content into a structure that looks good, is simple to navigate and is ready for a search engine such as Google to index easily (a process called search engine optimisation – SEO). The more visible your site is on a search engine, the easier it can be for potential customers to find you.

Search engine optimisation is at the heart of how I build a website – I know that having a website, and having a website that people find and that works for your business are very different things. I don’t promise you the number one spot on Google (nobody can, regardless of what they say in their advertising), but I do promise a well constructed, accessible website, with professionalism and support from the start of your site and beyond.

I also consult and produce websites for other design companies. If you run a design business and would like to know more about outsourcing web design work please contact me to discuss your requirements.